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surf on the down low

Well, I thought today was the day for the secret swell to arrive…huhh…oh well we forgot to tell the Ocean to deliver it to our beach ! Man, got some free time? Get on a plane and fly to Puerto Rico as it will be firiing there ! Good weekend swell coming according to my friends that live down there. Of course you can also pick another favorite carib island location as well…

Locally the surf out back is definetly on the down low even thou the wind is on the “Up high” ! strong NW wind. If your super hearty got the new wetsuit then you can hit it with a good longboard or fish but it is small in the thigh high range…Keep praying for some real surf to wander our way …in the next week?

6’2″ Biofoam Floatey Fish

6′2″ Biofoam floatey fish

Sunday morning fishing report

Lots of fisherman on the beach this morning. Surf is one foot and pure glass with a small longboard wave possible for the hardcore surfer. One “surfer girl” out this morning and did see her stand up on her longboard and get a short ride. Find that ultra shallow sandbar or go to the pier and have some fun on that nine to ten footer longboard. Speaking of longboards we got in a new batch of just insane longboards with beautiful resin tints including a really floatey beautiful Ten footer… The fog will burn off soon and it will be a nice day. Get out there and get some Sun as there is a pretty strong front coming through on Tuesday and the weather is going to get colder when it comes around to strong NW. Monday should be small and rideable with a SE wind predicted and then it will start to clock…today is the last day of our super sale. forty percent off sector nine and planet earth clothing and all our in stock wetsuits…mention the blog and get twenty five dollars off any surfboard in stock…

Big Sale !!

All Sector Nine clothes and Planet Earth clothes are on sale this weekend Saturday and Sunday. There are some really sweet choice sweaters, tops, shirts, and thermals. All super soft, comfortable and ,well, just insanely nice stuff. GREAT DEAL on some great clothes !

Also ! All spring and full suits are on SALE at forty per cent off this weekend as well. Super warm, stretchy killer wetsuits. So come check them out!

Mention this blog and get $25 off any new and used board in the store!

Neilson, Ricky Carroll, Rich Price, BAT, Chris Birch and more…this weekend only of course !!

Great Selection so come early !

Happy surfing ! Tom

Friday surf check…

The surf this morning at 8:40 is mixed up but breaking on the inside about one to three foot. The wind is offshore but the offshore winds are strong and with alot of South in it making for some waves with poor form locally. As the wind comes around more West (not predicted right away) it may clean up. Check breaks like Ponce for some better conditions or down South like Spanish house when the tide drops. Right now the Sebastian inlet could be fun with some classic protection from the jetties. The tide is High which also with these conditions could make the Inlet a good call… Tom

A tasty fish

with some clean pinlines and the old mandala lam

Pinlined Neilson fish w mandala

Another happy customer…

Happy Customers - Neilson Surfboards

We’ll be throwing a bunch of pictures on here of Neilson Surfboard customers. One, to show off some boards and happy customers, but also to give a sense of what people are riding.

Monday morning Presidents 2nd light report

Got to second light before the gates opened this morning and parked down at O’ club and walked up to second light. Looked crappy and side off shore with some squalls coming through. Turned out to be weak at first but then when you got one to stand up on the inside you got a nice waist high wall. Surf was waist to titty high and rideable. A couple of short boarders came out at second light and started hooting and having a good ol’ time getting some nice wedgy little lefts on the inside there. So perhaps it is all about attitude and going for it. Sure beats sitting at home complaining and the water sure felt good with only a spring or sleeves needed. Will get better as the tide drops and the wind goes more offshore… Have fun !

Neilson’s Shop is World Travelers Destination!

20080215_14974_12.jpg20080215_14973_1.jpg3 groups of travelers  came in to the Shop  all wanting to rent surfboards.

The first group was from Quebec and were good snowboarders but wanted to try surfing. They went up to the beach behind the shop and had a ball in the small waves. Next group was from Germany and then another group from Quebec. I don’t speak French but I do know some German Beers so having a conversation was interesting!

The best stories were from Erik and Heather Holt who drove down from Holland Michigan. Erick had stories about surfing the Great Lakes with freezing temps but overhead waves!!!!! The window sticker says 3rd Coast Surf !!!

Northern folks are nice people!!!

Gone surfing…

Gone Surfing…

Sometimes you just gotta go…


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