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6’4″ Floatey Fish

Something to start the new year off right -


Something about the pinlines and the old school Mandala logo…

Local Shapers

We’ve got boards from some of the hottest local shapers in addition to the staple supply of Neilson boards:


Christmas Eve

Open today until 6, closed Christmas, open on Friday again.



Got tons of Neilson tshirts in stock, a handful of different designs to choose from in guys and girls styles…


More stocking stuffers

Fins, DVDS, stickers… some more ideas for last minute stocking stuffers


Stocking Stuffers

Lots of good stuff to fill the stockings of those good little shred sledders…


Got lots of wetsuits in all shapes and sizes too. Water will probably chill down a bit later this week with the NE winds.


Not exactly something Florida is known for but the past couple days have had some really fun surf and the forcast looks like we’ll have ridable waves all the way to Christmas!

Wednesday morning-

Check your favorite surf report and get dialed in to the tides and enjoy some surf this Holiday season.

Sideways noserider

Classic noserider with a subtle (the “b” is silent) resin tint


(posted sideways so you don’t have to scroll so much)

Shred Sleds

Sure, it doesn’t snow here in Florida, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bust out our sleds and have some fun sliding. Check out this Shred Sled-


Christmas ideas

Here are some good Christmas ideas…

Indo trainer board normally $140. on sale for $99.99 includes the famous roller or the new balance stimulator. Great for staying in shape or increasing your balance skills so the next time you go surfing your rock solid. Even comes with an instructional DVD.

Dragon sunglasses are a favorite of every surfer and sick shades for not only the guys but the girls in your life. Check out all the cutting edge in eyewear styles that not only look good they feel good on ya noggin and your eyes ! They start at $65. and a really good pair of polaroid ones  go for $130.

Go for the step up in comfort and warmth this Winter with a  Rip Curl Ebomb fullsuit ($280.) One of the most flexible and comfortable wetsuits anywhere on the planet or a super sweet classic for only $100. Did I mention we have booties ($55.) in stock as well and hoodies on the way ?


Check out the Hyperflex vests ($49.99) for a relatively inexpensive gift. Remember that Hyperflex wetsuits are all on sale for 20 % off so you can scoop up some super sweet deals on full, spring and short sleeve fullsuit.

Skateboards ? All Sector Nine and Gravity skateboards are 30 % off in stock models and %20 per cent off all custom skateboards. So be ready to launch a great Christmas gift and save at the same time.

We have the new Zogs Sex wax stocking pre made up and ready to go. Super cool with wax, tee shirt, sunblock, lip balm and wax comb for ($29.95). Perfect gift for all your brah’s.

Sanuk sandals are the best gift for your feet. The new beer coozy flip flops and the sick sidewalk surfer “not a shoe” are the best for super comfortable knock around foot wear. They even have a great deck shoe for boats that I am getting !

Then there are tons of other cool ideas: unique super cool surfboard racks, rash guards, da kine leashes, toes on the nose shirts and hats. Rip curl and da kine tee shirts along with super cool Neilson surf shop shirts. Surfrider calendars, sick fin upgrades by fcs and future along with great longboard fins from Island Fin Design and more. How about a $5.00 raffle ticket for a $500 surfboard with all the proceeds going to Surfrider? (Only 100 sold before the raffle selection) Put one in each stocking !

So put us on your Christmas list of a great place to get the best gifts this Christmas. Remember if ya are out of town take advantage of our free shipping* on surfboards and all our gear. (*shipping is for Florida only with low rates for everywhere else.)


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