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More shop inventory boards

Here’s a couple of boards we currently have in stock ready-to-go, for the full shop inventory check out the link in the previous post:

All Shop Inventory now online

We just finished uploading ALL the shop board inventory onto the web site. Prices and dimensions are listed. We’re gonna try to keep this updated so you can browse the shop inventory online at your leisure and see what we’ve currently got in the racks.

Check it out for yourself and plan your Black Friday purchase ahead of time :D

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to Wish everyone a blessed and good Thanksgiving. So give thanks for what you do have and what you have had if things are not as you would wish on this day. Even our forefathers had much to lament but still gave thanks. So there it is – give thanks for all that you have including our fresh improvement in today’s waves?

peace and happy surfing!

p.s. We will be closed on Thanksgiving but will be rockin’ a good sale on Friday!

New Quad Fun Fish

I just shaped this one and it’s kinda unusual in that it is a Clark Foam blank. I got this blank from another shaper who got tired of saving and storing the blank.

It came out killer and it is set up as a quad which will keep it really loose and fast. If your looking for a really good fun riding board with a little extra float and paddle power but still want to keep the maneuverability factor real – then here is your magic board.

Here are the dims: 7’10 x 16.25 x 22.5 x 16 x 2.75 plus

5’10” 3x Pro

This is a straight-up performance shortboard. This is the shape you want to ride if you’re pushing yourself and trying to take your surfing to the next level.

Neilson Surfboards - 3x Pro Performance Shortboard

This one is in stock at the shop. Serial # 6957

Saturday Surf Report (afternoon)

Let these cats tell you how it is…

6’2″ Floatey Fish

Well, after the Floatey Fish posted yesterday sold less than 8 hours after being posted, it’s only fair to put up another one that we’ve got in stock.  So here’s a 6’2″ with green fade rails that we’ve got in the shop (for now…)

6’2″ x 21 x 2 5/8

We’ve still got waves and should have ridable surf through the weekend so stop by the shop and check these boards out in person after you go for a surf.

Lots of other good stuff in stock too, so if you’re in the market for something else stop by for a look.

Flying Floatey Fish Flames

Flying Floatey Fish Flames… say that three times fast.

Neilson Surfboard - Flying Floatey Fish

6’4″ x 22 x 2 5/8

This board is currently in stock at the shop. Stop by to check it out in person and take it home as an early Christmas present to yourself  :D

EDIT: Well that was quick, someone called yesterday afternoon after seeing this Blog post and bought this board!

Surf check, check, surf

Just a heads up that the waves behind the surf shop today were super fun. Redd showed up and could not resist. “Resistance is futile” and I closed the shop and put a up a sign that said I was out back. Left free bars of wax outside the door to appease the Surf Gods and who ever was dropping by for some fresh wax.

Surfed my nine 0 for the first minnie sesh,  the coke bottle green T. Evans right coast model. That was the call for today for sure. Great longboard with some nice long lines peeling off left down the beach. Then Tom F. showed up to return my retro twin keel fish that he had borrowed for a spin. I could not resist and took it out on my second go and – wow, that was fun as well. Amazing how fast that little retro plate is even in some of the mushier waves. Felt like I was Dave Reeves flying off the tops of one or two sections. I surely was not but still…

Sunny, warm no Wetsuit in mid November with tit high or better waves coming in, damn life is good. If it hangs again for one more day tomorrow, be sure and play hooky like I did today and get in de water…


A sampling of construction methods all on the same shape – a 6’0″ Rocketfish (6’0″ x 19 3/4″ x 2 1/4). This is how we dial in different construction methods and compare them. Always trying new stuff to give you the best possible board.


From left to right: Biofoam, EPS/epoxy with stringer, EPS/epoxy stringerless with a Bamboo veneer deck and carbon rails.

Multiple flavors of the same board. You can typically custom order and board in whatever construction method you’d like. Prices vary based on materials. The beauty of handcrafted surfboards – order exactly what you want and what fits YOUR needs.


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