Buehn Stand Up Paddleboard

Richie Buehn - SUP

Stand up paddle board shaped by Richie Buehn. For sale in the shop.


2 responses to “Buehn Stand Up Paddleboard

  • jeff

    where is buehn’s shop located and or website?

  • mark barthalow

    i just recently got a hold of a richie beuhn surfboard dated back to 1946..on the nose of the board is a blue shaped board and in yellow its says wind & surf and in white backgroung in black letters it has richie buehn..on the reverse side same design and signed richie buen 1946 68-295..the only thing is the left fin is broke its in good shape..iam currently on the west coast in port richie florida i have to attend the tampa va i have some things going on from serving in iraq.iam originally raised in cocoa beach and cant wait to come home again..i lived off a1a near 2nd street…can you give any history on this board and how would i go about having it fixed and like new? iam disabled veteran and cant wait to surf again and be free in mind and soul when i get to ride the waves again..its been to long…thank you for your time and efforts in this matter…mark barthalow

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