New Biofoam longboard

img_2983bio9.jpgThis is the new biofoam surfboard foam that is much stronger and has a really good flex or ride characteristic. Check out the pic of the 9’0″ x 22.5 x 2.75 performance HP model longboard that we just got in to the Cocoa Beach shop…


3 responses to “New Biofoam longboard

  • Andre Rakofsky

    Considiring a new longboard for this summer. How does the biofoam compare to an epoxy? My current longboard is epoxy and I love it. Is there a big difference in cost over function.

  • neilsonsurfboards

    Hey Andre,
    It kind of depends on what you’re looking for out of the board. The Biofoam boards have been holding up really well and have been able to go with lighter glass schedules because of their increases dent resistance. There are usually a few in the shop so stop by and check them out for yourself.

  • Andre Rakofsky

    Tom, Thanks for the feedback. Do you or would you have anything to demo? I will definately come in to speak with you on what I want from this next board.

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