Another happy customer…

Happy Customers - Neilson Surfboards

We’ll be throwing a bunch of pictures on here of Neilson Surfboard customers. One, to show off some boards and happy customers, but also to give a sense of what people are riding.


4 responses to “Another happy customer…

  • onebuck

    that board looks very Nice!!!!

  • SrfGtr

    Need to include height and weight of riders for this(what people are riding,etc) to be useful. I hate the surfer/board analysis in the mags with no dimensions on the surfer using it.

  • neilsonsurfboards

    SrfGtr, good point. Skill level comes into play as well so there are a lot of different variables. What works for one guy at one skill level may not work for another of the same weight/height.

    That, and it’s just hard to keep track of that info and correlate it to the correct photos.

    Thanks for the feedback though.

  • muckfire

    This board has worked unreal. took me two to three sessions just to catch up with it.As I have gotten older I remember older surfers always telling too let the board do the work. Now I understand, Thanks Tom. Tom used to make my boards @qf and have known him for many years, sometimes you must go back to go forward, I feel as though with this board that I have made the right decision. Only with a craftsman of Toms caliber are you going to reach the next level. Thank you Tom Oh bye the way a 158lbs. 5’10 and a little out of shape. Thank again Tom. the muckster

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