surf on the down low

Well, I thought today was the day for the secret swell to arrive…huhh…oh well we forgot to tell the Ocean to deliver it to our beach ! Man, got some free time? Get on a plane and fly to Puerto Rico as it will be firiing there ! Good weekend swell coming according to my friends that live down there. Of course you can also pick another favorite carib island location as well…

Locally the surf out back is definetly on the down low even thou the wind is on the “Up high” ! strong NW wind. If your super hearty got the new wetsuit then you can hit it with a good longboard or fish but it is small in the thigh high range…Keep praying for some real surf to wander our way …in the next week?


About neilsonsurfboards

I started shaping surfboards when I was 16 years old and ended up selling that first board to one of my neighbors. My big break came a few years later when I got a job shaping full time for Quiet Flight surfboards. I shaped about four thousand surfboards before burning out and leaving that company. At that point I went back to massage therapy full time and shaping surfboards part time for a few select surfers and close friends. After sailing the Caribbean for a year in 2000 when I came back I went back to shaping my own private label full time and doing massage therapy part time. The progression of names or labels was first “Sugar Cane” in the 70’s inspired by trips to Mexico and traveling in a bus cross country and seeing all the sugar cane growing there. Then “Quiet Flight” in the 80’s and then “Creative Visions” which then became “Neilson” surfboards in the 2000’s. I still make some boards using the Creative Visions name and unique mandala art work created by Courtney Davis. I’m up around the 10,000 mark for surfboards shaped and crazy as it sounds I’m still learning new things and still improving what I’m doing. Still love to surf and try and ride different shapes all the time! View all posts by neilsonsurfboards

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