The Guestbook

So there is a guestbook in the shop that people sign. It’s interesting to see how varied the locales are that people who stop by the shop come from. This was an interesting one:


Here’s a loose translation provided via someone on one of the local forums:

Well, it is Japanese, but the majority of the letters are Chinese:

Directly translated they mean: One(first) Period(time?) One(first) Visit(Meet)

First time visitor, maybe? It may be an expression I do not know

The last two letters says: “Most(best) High”

A praise for a first rate or highest quality good/service, I am sure. “

And a follow-up translation:

I did some research and am now 99.5% sure that the first four letters mean
“Once in a life time encounter(meet/visit, etc.)”. Apparently, the first two
letters say “Lifetime” by themselves.

And the last two Chinese letters simply say “The greatest” as I said before. “

And now Burry gives us the rest of the story:

This Japanese couple come into Neilson’s Shop, they speak NO Engrish and i speak no Yapanees!

He points to a board he has in the back of their rental car.

He starts looking at small Potato chip type boards, checking by feeling thickness and weight etc. she just smiles!?
They leave for 1/2 hour!?
They come back …he looks at more Potato chips, she smiles.!
and as they start to leave again i motion for them to sign the “Book”!

He mumbles something and starts to write in the book,,,She smiles and giggles!!!???? and then off they go!

Fifteen minutes later he comes back and buys a leash!!!”

So to make a long story short, don’t forget to sign the guestbook!


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