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Stringerless Quad

Stringerless EPS/epoxy quad rocketfish

Stringerless Quad rocketfish

High Performance Quad Longboard

HP Longboard with quad fin setup and resin color bands on the deck:

Quad Longboard

Just Chillin’

Just hanging out in the shop talking surfing…

6’6″ Biofoam Bonzer

6’6″ Biofoam Bonzer shape for Ricardo up in Nova Scotia

Lok Box runners with a center box with 6.5″ Bonzer center fin.

Sat. 17th – Meet the Shaper Day w/ BAT (Brian Tudor)

From 11 Am till 2 pm or later….
Hot dogs/ Burgers/etc…. a few veggies burgers too!

Ask Brian any questions, discuss shapes, glassing or whatever!…
Heck maybe order a custom shape at a Saturday special price!!!


When Frank paddles out, you know your wave count is going to diminish drastically. Here he is with his new Biofoam shred sled –

There is only a small extra charge to have your surfboard airbrushed to clash horribly with your work scrubs. Just a small part of the customer service experience here at the Neilson Surf Shop.

Happy Birthday Tommy!

The big “16” for Tommy Evans! Happy Birthday from all the Neilson crew!

Tommy Evans

If he drives anything like he surfs, you better stay off the roads… 😉

Happy new owner

If you’re really nice, we’ll let you pose outside in front of the shop in the baking sun with you new nice white surfboard

Time to start thinking about the summer-time quiver…

Kind of Blue

Solid blue Floatey Fish, keep on keeping on with the boards for summertime waves…

Miles Davis would approve.

Blue Swirl Longboard

Continuing on with the longboard colorwork, here’s a blue swirl resin tint

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