Stringerless EPS ‘Razor’

These stringerless EPS ‘Razor’ boards have been getting extremely good feedback. Ultra-light and super durable with double the glass of a current “comp-weight” board.

Have your cake and eat it too, light weight, durability and performance. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other anymore. Available in custom shapes!


2 responses to “Stringerless EPS ‘Razor’

  • luke

    Just wondering if they are made the same as a coil or @ the same place a coil? How is the flex on them in small surf?

  • neilsonsurfboards

    Similar glassing schedule to a Coil but they are not vacuum bagged. The are made in a different factory here locally in Brevard County.

    They work great in small surf, super-light and a similar flex to a 4/4/4 poly board due to the stringerless blank and unique glass schedule.

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