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Neilsons in Nova Scotia

Got some photos of our northern ambassador Ricardo up in Nova Scotia putting his EPS Neilson Floatey Fish to good use in some super fun looking left hand points –

Enjoy the mid 70 degree water and boardshorts in October here in Florida, water temps in Nova Scotia are in the high 40s right now and will continue to drop to just above freezing by February. Brrrrrrrr

Stylish photos taken by Damon Cunningham

Get back to work!

So hard to find good help these days. Always just lollygagging around and checking the surf out back all the time:

Gonna have to have our head of security have a little talk with him. Luckily we’ve got our super-secret surveilance cam to keep track of these sorts of troublesome antics.

Would you like some sprinkles with that swirl?

Getting all fancy with the colorwork on this classic noserider –

It’s getting the shaka-of-approval from the new owner. That’s always a good sign.

Peas out!

Showing some love for the stringerless “Razor”. These boards are super-light and extremely durable, check one out if you are in the market for an ultra-high-performance shortboard.

Note his Endless Summer Tattoo shirt, respect out to Mark Longnecker for doing some shirt artwork for one of the Neilson Shop shirts.

Just another happy customer…

Stoked to match up the right board for the right person, like this unique little mini-log.

Happy Camper

The groms are always super-stoked on getting a new board. Crazy to see how good some of these kids are as well.

Head of Security

Here at Neilson Surf Shop we imploy only the most up-to-date, cutting edge features in security to make sure that our goods are secure. For example, our bathroom/changing room is guarded by a venemous snake ready to bite your eyes out if you try anything unscrupulous –

Just thought we’d warn you…

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