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Some people get a bit excited about their new boards…


But his stoke is understandable considering the Quad Flying Floatey Fish he just got. That would’ve worked well in this past weekends clean but closing out waves. Get in early and make sections.


Black Friday Beeeg Sale

Lets hope we can change it to the GOOD Surf Friday Sale with a four foot, twelve second swell predicted with offshore winds ! One day only so get their early for the best selection. Doing a sale that is 10 per cent off all surfboards: Neilson’s, Chris Birch, RPD, and even Troy Bordens beautiful boards. Remember that our stuff is priced fairly not over marked up and then reduced to seem like a sale. This is the real deal. There will be 25 per cent off selected wet suits and ten per cent off everything else in the store including brand new Rip Curl wetsuits, Da Kine leashes, shirts, Sanuk sandals, Dragon sunnies,  well you get the picture. Hope you can make it by and get some surf and score the best deals of the year ! Be open at 9 am and closing at 6 p.m.  🙂 or til de last customer leaves smiling !


Tuesday surf report !

Wow, the surf behind the shop is super fun today. Really good lines coming through for a fish or longboard. Waist high to titty high and just well…super fun. Clean, offshore lines. Wore my new rip curl ebomb and it was super flexible and actually too hot if that is possible. I had to let water into the wetsuit to cool off. That is a good problem to have ! Right now I have some really good boards to test ride as well. 9″0 HP model longboard in biofoam, a round nose fish quad that is super fast and loose and a bunch of other sick short boards and fishes you can take for a spin.  Get out there and surf if ya can sneak away from work today !

These are NOT shoes…

Says so right here on the box:


Enjoy the comfort of flops while keeping your pigs warm and toasty.

Warmth from below

Nice warm orange tinted longboards sporting the new “old” Neilson logo.


With the chilly weather lately, this is what you want underneath you keeping you warm and toasty.

The ‘Sleeves rides a twinny

Sleeves keeps it ol’ school and rides the Floatey Fish with a twin-fin setup.


You’d never know it from the way he surfs though, hot rippa, yeah!

New gear and stuff arriving !

productsMan, we are stocking up on some really cool stuff lately. Just got in the Dragon Sunglasses which are just insane. Then last week we got in the Da Kine product line which everyone knows has the best leashes around. Got in their pads and some choice t-shirts as well. Also in are the new Sanuk sandals and the “this is not a shoe line up”. Love the beer cooler coosey flip flops ! Toes on the Nose order came in with some really nice t’s and hats. New Rip Curl wetsuits just arrived today Friday November 7th ! Which are just the best ! Stoked ! This will be a good complement to the already in Hyper flex wetsuits that are not as major a label but a really good wetsuit as well.

I am shaping up some insane short board quads and five fins as well every week. So feel free to come in and browze and see what the latest shapes that are going on.  Remember we also have some Chris Birch quads on hand and some great Rich Price surfboards as well…On the used side we have some really good deals on some trade ins. Some of the lowest prices you will see just about anywhere. If you want to support a real surf shop with no pop outs, china boards, etc and get just one of the best riding boards you will find anywhere on the planet – we make it easy for ya !

To all our loyal customers who have been dropping by and buying a t-shirt, some wax or other essential goods. We can not thank you enough as well !

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