Monthly Archives: December 2008

6’4″ Floatey Fish

Something to start the new year off right –


Something about the pinlines and the old school Mandala logo…

Local Shapers

We’ve got boards from some of the hottest local shapers in addition to the staple supply of Neilson boards:


Christmas Eve

Open today until 6, closed Christmas, open on Friday again.



Got tons of Neilson tshirts in stock, a handful of different designs to choose from in guys and girls styles…


More stocking stuffers

Fins, DVDS, stickers… some more ideas for last minute stocking stuffers


Stocking Stuffers

Lots of good stuff to fill the stockings of those good little shred sledders…


Got lots of wetsuits in all shapes and sizes too. Water will probably chill down a bit later this week with the NE winds.


Not exactly something Florida is known for but the past couple days have had some really fun surf and the forcast looks like we’ll have ridable waves all the way to Christmas!

Wednesday morning-

Check your favorite surf report and get dialed in to the tides and enjoy some surf this Holiday season.

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