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More accessories…

All the ladies know it’s all about accessorizing…

accessorizeOrder your custom board and get a custom color-matched Neilson t-shirt to go with it.

No, just kidding. That would be pretty funny though. By the way, we’ve got a bunch of new Neilson t’s in stock so swing by and pick one up.

More shred sleds

Enough with the silliness, back to the meat and potatoes –


Rocketfish convertible fun for when you can’t quite make up your mind what you want but the hard times have you searching for a Quiver Stimulus package. Ride it as a thruster or quad, or you could get all crazy and ride it as a quadruster and unleash the 5 fins of fury on some serious power-chop.

Lots of Dragon sunglasses in stock for bright-ass Florida sun

Don’t be like this guy and wear some wack old shades while you’re strutting your manhood down the beach in your zip-front speedo. We’ve got lots of Dragon sunglasses in stock to save you that type of embarrassment…


Wetsuits on sale

We’ve still got some RipCurl E/F Bombs in stock that are on sale along with some nicely priced Hyperflex wetsuits.

Get a suit for a nice price for that California trip this summer or just replace your old, beat stiff fullsuit with one of the new super-strectchy ones.


Classic noserider with the sweet resin tint

And the classic Neilson logo in the resin band.


This one is still for sale in the shop.

Tico the Shop Dog™


Tico the Shop Dog™ makes appearances twice daily. Come by to watch him feed and line up to pet him.


Groms under 30lbs. get free rides around the shop.

5’10” Flying Floatey Fish

5’10” x 21″ x 2 5/8″ – Flying Floatey Fish quad with Futures boxes

510fffquadThis board is still in stock. With summer coming you definately want to add one of these to your quiver. It’s like a longboard – for shortboarders.

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