5’8″ – 80’s Inspired

5’8″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″

58shredsledThis board is a lot of fun. Plenty of thickness to make paddling easy but the deck tapers sharply to give it a smaller rail profile. Try something like this 6-8 inches shorter than your normal board and you be amazed at how much fun you’ll have in small waves.


4 responses to “5’8″ – 80’s Inspired

  • TeeBird

    Watching Lawless destroy waves on that thing is fun.

  • D-BOT

    Stoked just ordered one!

  • kyle

    She Lives!!!!!
    Is this the same or tweaked a little?
    Glad to know I can get another once I run my current one into the ground.

    • neilsonsurfboards

      I love this board. We have one that is a three fin in the store you can demo behind the shop and I even carry one in stock for sale. It has five fin set up so you can ride it as a quad or three fin. So, Kyle you can get another one whenever your ready and be glad to ship them out to any of your Cali friends as well!
      keep ripping it up in the meantime.

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