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Your 5’4″ Biscuit is ready

Sitting here waiting to be picked up. Nice clean litte pocket rocket too.


We’ve got some other Biscuits in stock in an assortment of sizes. These boards are a blast to ride, whether as a tri, quad or single and from knee high to overhead.

Rich Price Designs in stock

Got a rack full of Rich Price boards in stock. Locally made, some really nice clean designs. Stop by and check them out.


9’0″ Quad Longboard

9’0″ Quad longboard with a center box as well to try out some different fin setup possibilities. This board is currently in stock, stop by and check it out!


Lots of other really nice longboards in stock as well, from Right Coast Cruisers to SUP to performance longboards. Something for everyone.

Killer used board

This thing is a blast in our summertime dribblers.

5’8″ x 21″ x 2 5/8ish – Only $300


Summer Surf lessons

Still going strong, come by and check on availability and class schedules


Screening rails…

Putting the finishing touches on a custom shape –


Summer Surf Camp

summer surf groupSurmmer Surf Camp 2009Pro surfer David Aubrey along with Sam Dugan are teaching our Summer Surf Camp this year. Good to know you have some of the best teaching you the basics through advanced skills.

Remember when…

We last had a good solid overhead swell…


It’s been a while. Hopefully this storm season will spare us the heartache but provide us with plentiful bounty of waves.

strange but smart wetsuit sale

All our full suits are half price this weekend only. Hyperflex, Rip curl some great wetsuits. Why smart? Well if your smart come grab a new suit and save it for next Winter or that trip your taking on the other side of the planet. Get the best price well below our cost and smile all the way to the bank. The superbank that is…it’s in Australia. No really we are puttting them away after the weekend so get in here and get a deal


Either way, YOU get a killer deal on a new wetsuit.

Pretty on pink

Ami at this past weekends Waterman’s Challenge contest (to support the Cocoa Beach Surf Museum)


Funny thing is the board isn’t actually pink, it’s pink StickyBumps wax that they were giving out at the contest. What’ll those wacky marketing guys think of next?

Surprisingly, there were some small kine waves at the contest site all weekend. That’s what happens when you have the Godfather of Cocoa Beach running the contest.

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