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Inventory Blow-out at the Shop

Trying to move all the inventory at blow-out prices. Stop by and pick up some gear for a steal.

Normally a close out is a bad thing but for those looking for some good gear and boards it is a great thing! All this week through the weekend I am selling everything in the store at cost or below cost. There is still a chance I may keep the store going but in the meantime I am going to liquidate as much inventory as I can.

So great deals on all types of wetsuits, sunglasses, flip flops, shoes, surf trunks, fins, surf boards you name it. Best prices you will find this year.

ps. will still and always be available through the website

Distant memories

Another shot from last weekend. Hopefully we’ll get some more waves soon.


Until then, we’ll post some more random shots from last weekends swell.

Da’ Bus – shooting video

bus, shooting some video behind the shop this past weekend. Hopefully he’ll put some of this video up on YouTube, if so we’ll post it up here.


Stay tuned…

Today was a good day.

Nice to finally get some solid surf. Lots of closeouts, but if you got makeable corner you could ride it all the way to the beach.


Get it while you can, it’s gonna drop off quick on Sunday then who knows.

Friday surf report

Unfriggin real, yes, that is what the waves are doing right now behind the shop. Low tide is at three pm and it is firing out back. Solid six foot sets pouring through. Some close outs but lots of shoulders with solid good rides are there to be had with the lower tide. Get on it as quick as you can. The light onshore wind is hardly a factor at this point. Yes, I love it real surf!!

Teamrider Lee Roth

Lee Roth in a shot from this past spring behind the shop bustin’ the fins out –

leerothIt’s nice to be able to ditch the wetsuits, but man, at this point I’d rather be wearing rubber and surfing than sitting around in baggies waiting for the first hurricane swell to materialize. has Neilson swag

So is out pimping their ecommerce platform to local shops in order to help them sell more product in return for Swell getting a little cut on the action. They’ve set up a new site that has core shops from around the US and some of their wares.

It’s a win/win for everyone involved with the end result being you can now  buy some select Neilson swag on


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