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Tommy Evans – ESA Jr. Mens LB East Coast Champ

Big congrats out to Neilson team rider Tommy Evans. He took 1st in the ESA Jr. Mens Lgonboard at Easterns!

Neilson Surfboards Teamrider - Tommy Evans

More good eats in Cocoa Beach

In keeping with the running themes of the posts lately, here’s another good place to grab some post-surf eats in Cocoa Beach.

Jim and Doreen, the originals from back in the day of Cocoa Beach surf reports with, have opened a Deli in Downtown Cocoa Beach. Fittingly enough, it’s named Boardheads Deli. Great food at a great price and you can talk surf while you wait.

boardheadsSupport the locals.
Boardheads Deli
24 N. Orlando Ave. Suite G
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Neilson LB action shot

Neilson longboard in action earlier this month in some of the plentiful offshore waves we had.

dubworksIf you have an air-cooled VW, chances are you know Mark. He’s the local VW guru and as you can see he knows his way around a longboard as well.

Neilson Biofoam in Nova Scotia

Our Northern operative sent in these spy photos of Ras riding his 6’6″ Biofoam Neilson last winter up in Nova Scotia –

ras-nova-scotiaphoto: Evan Radisic

Judging by the hood and gloves, the water temp in this photo is likely somewhere in the low 40’s/high 30’s.  Ponder that for a bit the next time you paddle out in baggies.

Lee’s green board

Let’s go for the green board trifecta with this one, then we’ll move on. Team rider Lee Roth at the NKF contest on his green fade performance squash.

green-leeMake sure and always color co-ordinate your tail pads with your boards airbrush. People notice these things… 😛

Biofoam Floatey Fish

Well, since teamrider Lee grabbed up the last board we posted, figured we better put up something else. In keeping with the green theme, both figuratively and literally, here’s a 6’2″ Flying Floatey Fish made with a Biofoam soy-based blank –

greenfffSolid green airbrush
6’2″ x 22 x 2 3/4
FCS 5 fin setup (Quad, thruster or twin)

5’11 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/8 Squash

Back to posting some actual surfboards…

5’11”  x  18 1/4  x   2 1/8   FCS 3 FIN $495


Green Fade squash – 3X Pro model

Straight-up performance shortboard.

Good Eats – Cafe Surfinista

Cafe Surfinista on 1st Street North in Cocoa Beach is a great place for an after-surf meal. They just opened not too long ago but already seem to be getting a solid following among the locals.  Leans heavily towards the health-food side of things, with vegan items on the menu and mostly organic ingredients.  Nice change of pace and reasonable prices.

goodeatsCafe Surfinista
222 1st Street North
Cocoa Beach

Round 3 with Erika?

Are we looking at Round 3 of waves with Erika or is she gonna be a washout?

erikaShe’s hugging the Bahamas kinda close for our swell window right now.

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