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Checking out the rails…

So here’s a twin-keel fish we’ll have the the Fish Fry tomorrow getting a good look-over before it’s thrown on the pile of boards to bring.


Little man was checking it out, he wasn’t sure about the rails though, had to give them a closer look. Come out tomorrow to Paradise Park in Indialantic from 9-2 and take this board for a spin. Waves should be building this evening and plenty ridable tomorrow.


Central Florida Fish Fry

Oct. 31st there will be  a Fish Fry at Paradise Park in Indialantic. Should be a good time and we’ll have lots of boards there to check out and even 1 or 2 to demo. Time is from 9AM-2PM, so you can check it out before you get your Trick-or-Treat on.

All the boards will be set up down on the beach at the very south end of the park.

fishfrylogoCheck out the Official Fish Fry site for more info:

If you’ve got a fish bring it out and show it off! Or just come out and check out a bunch of cool boards and talk surfing with lots of local surfers and shapers.

UPDATE: Looks like we should have some waves this Saturday as well. Come on out!

5’8″ Quad Rocketfish

5’8″ Rocketfish with a blue spray job. These boards work really well in the kind of garbage wind-chop we have this week. Low entry rocker and wide outline gets you in early and carries you through the flat sections. But being really short they are quick and easy to turn when a section pops up in front of you.


Check one out. Usually ride them a few inches shorter than your normal board.

5’8″ x 19 x 2 1/8  with Quad FCS fin setup.

7’0″ (Mini) Gun – All Business.

You may actually need a board like this in Florida 1 or 2 days a year, but that’s why we all travel right? This board is made for those special trips when the forcast maps are bleeding purple…


Mainland Mex, Hawaii, PR. This board is ready to go with you chasing those big winter swells. At only $420, this thing is a steal.

New Shop Inventory pics added…

New Shop Inventory pics added to the website:

Still working on some tweaks to the full inventory page so you just get 5 boards at a time right now…

Soon come though.

Also, the Central Florida Fish Fry is coming up Oct. 31st at Paradise Park in Indialantic from 9-2. It’s shaping up to be a good time with lots of other local shapers and surfers bringing their boards out. We’ll be there, mark it on your calendars and try and make it out. It’s totally a grassroots thing to bring the local surf community together for a fun day of talking boards and hopefully getting some surfing in.

Shop inventory updated

So we’re still working on getting all the shop inventory up on the website. We got all the pictures taken and have uploaded a new batch on the homepage so keep an eye out there for new boards being added.

As always, swing by the shop and say hey and fondle the shapes for yourself to see what you want to add to your Christmas list (hint, hint – get your Secret Santa custom orders in now to make sure and get them in time for Christmas)

State of the art right here right now

I feel like my longboards and fishes are some of the best riding boards you will find anywhere on the planet. Even thou my shortboards ride as good as any boards out there I am working on making them even better.

With the help of pro team riders David Aubrey, Brian Hewitson and rising star Lee Roth and others I am making changes in some of my better designs. They’re feedback is critical in keeping these shapes current, fresh and really on the cutting edge of performance. We are trying new shapes with these riders as well working on hybrid designs that literally kill it even on some of our weaker days.

Right now thou I am focusing on outlines, tail designs, rocker, concaves, rail graphs and thickness flows in my short boards.

Here are some positive tweaks in just two of these designs in the last week.

The 3X PRO is the go to board for high perfomance in a shortboard. This is really reserved for the surfer who is in really good shape and wants to push his surfing to the next level. They have lighter glass jobs 4/4 and a four bottom. So they are not going to last forever. Be prepared for more flex and snap in your turns as a result. This is the trade off for strength you get Pro level performance. This design due to feedback is tweaked by making the rails more forgiving for landing big airs and pulling out reverses with no hang ups. The sections that require more edge are still sharp and crisp. The bottom has been dialed up another notch by increasing the depth and contour of the double concaves in the last third of the board. This will help keep your speed up even thou the tail has a really exciting curve and increase in tail rocker for super vertical snaps and tail kicking snaps off the top. The tail outline has gone away from a square squash to a more rounded squash outline for flow into and out of turns and good tube riding ability.  These boards will be noted with a plus symbol behind the 3XPRO writing on the bottom of the board. Ride these in our better surf waist high or bigger.

The “Super Fly” is a great all around design with a wider template design in tail and nose to give you more speed over slow sections and to create speed no matter what section of the wave your on. It features a slightly rounded squash that is good for coming square off the bottom and still give you good gliding characteristics across flatter sections and keep your speed up in round house cutbacks. Borrowing from some of my advances in the 3x pro I have recently added more rocker in the tail sections and increased the double concave in the tail. This should help the board go more vertical off the bottom and allow you to do more instant snaps off the top or any part of the wave. Balancing the trade off in flat driving speed with the increase in the double concaves to maintain this models great speed.  Ride these boards in any surf  from knee high to overhead.

I think it is important to remember that our area demands that boards go really fast regardless of the conditions. I want all my boards to feel like your riding on ball bearings and literally “fly” you down the line. This tweak will be noted by the plus symbol behind the “superfly” notation on the bottom of these shapes. Check them out as they will be available in middle October in our store and select dealers around the State.

The Neilson team riders are giving me really good feedback and with their help  you will be able to get some of the most insane state of the art boards you will find anywhere on the planet right here, right now!

Happy Surfing, Tom

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