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Jake’s 5’7

Jake from Boca Raton and his new 5’7″ x 17.75 x 2.25 round tail –

Neilson Surfboards - Round tail

Christmas Board – 5’11 Floatey Fish

So now that Christmas has come and gone one lucky fella has a new 5’11 Epoxy Floatey Fish courtesy of his wonderful girlfriend…

Neilson Flying Floatey Fish

Custom pinlines, resin tint and logo placement.

Bamboo rocketfish in action…

David Lawless putting the bamboo veneer rocketfish to work on some waves over Christmas break

Bamboo veneer surfboard - EPS epoxy Tom Neilson surfboard

6’3 Quad Fish

This is a 6’3 quad fish. Super fast tri-concave wave catching machine.
Neilson Surfboards 6'3 Quad Fish Surfboard
6’3″ x 22 x 2.5

Bruce Reynolds art and surf social

Come on out this Saturday December 19th from nine to six p.m. at the one and only real surf shop in good old South Cocoa Beach and enjoy some fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee.  Munch on some tasty food snacks while enjoying some of the best innovative art work you will find anywhere on the surf planet. Talk art with Bruce or surfboard design with Tom or just hit us up for some free food and drink! Bruce will also have some nice art pieces that are priced under $30. if you want to grab a super cool gift for a loved one or good friend!

321-868-3800 3501 SouthAtlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach Fl. 32931

6’0 Bamboo skinned rocketfish (quad)

6’0 x 19 3/4″ x 2 1/4″

Stringerless EPS/epoxy with bamboo veneer deck and carbon fiber rails. Quad Future fins… how’s that for a feature list.

Super-light and durable. This is a great all-around board for Florida. Works well in small, weak summer surf but will still hold it’s own in overhead cold-front winter swells. One of these and a Floatey Fish would be a great Florida shortboard quiver.

Sunday Surf Report – Dec. 13th

Surf today Sunday is overhead and still choppy but some good drops coming through on the set waves. Good workout getting out and there is some push on the waves. Hopefully they are right about the forecast and it will go offshore as the day progresses!!


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