New Winter Shop Hours

Hey guess you noticed it is Winter! Here are my new shop hours: Monday, closed, Tuesday through Friday we will be open from 12 noon to six P.M. and then normal hours on Saturday from nine to six p.m. and Sunday from 10 to four p.m. These are effective January 6th through April 1st when we go back to normal hours.

Tom will be in the shop for custom ordering or just rapping surfboard design on Tuesday through Thursday and Noah will be manning the helm on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Tom will be in the store most Saturdays in the afternoon helping Noah out with the shop. Then on Sunday it will be Noah again manning the ship and steering you to some great deals. He is always putting something on sale being the shop manager. We will also be remodeling the store and have some pretty exciting changes in the work to make the shop better than ever… Also, remember you can always call and get a custom shaping appointment with Tom or meet us at a different time at the shop by calling ahead. Shop number is 321-868-3800


One response to “New Winter Shop Hours

  • neilsonsurfboards

    The new space heater is working and just want to remind everyone that we still have full suits,hoods and booties in stock. Also, we can pick up readily wetsuit gloves for anyone who is really wanting to stay warm. Just getting a good Rip Curl full suit and a hood which keeps 1/3rd of your body heat in can make a difference. Remember the new full suits are super flexible and warm not like the ones of old…

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