Customer Feedback

It’s always good to hear back from customers on their experiences after having a board for a while.

Here’s some stoke from a guy who got a Bamboo Rocketfish and posted his feedback on

“In January, I bought my first Tom Neilson board, a 5 fin bamboo veneer Rocket (6’2″x20″x2.5″). It’s one of the best all-around boards I’ve surfed. The board is super responsive, and it projects well through the turns. It quickly generates and maintains momentum, even in mediocre conditions and through flat sections (many boards claim to do this but fall short). At the same time, the board provides excellent control in solid conditions. I use quad set up to about chest-high and use 3 fins in better conditions. As an average surfer, 6’2″ 185, the dims are perfect for me. Tom has created an amazingly balanced board, and I can’t thank him enough for his work.”


2 responses to “Customer Feedback

  • Mark Trimble

    Hello Tom,
    I would like to extend a long overdue “THANK YOU” FOR THE FINE SURFBOARDS that you have seen fit to shape for me. The boards cover the whole spectrum. I liked the first one so much I bought 4 more. They work well in all waves. I am an old fat guy reliving my yonder days of yore……..The boards do all that is advertised and more. Your claims are right on the money. They are of the highest quality and you are one of the few that still builds “Real Boards” 6 oz cloth and a glossy finish. You have taken better care of me as a customer than my mother did……..Thanks Tom,
    Mark Trimble
    p.s. The boards work well in the Pacific as well, bigger waves and same easy paddle in….La Jolla to be specific………

  • Andre Rakofsky

    I stopped by your shop on Sunday, the deals on used boards were unreal. I could not pass up buying a board for my son, his first. What a great day seeing the smile on his face as he caught his first wave. Thanks guys. Andre

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