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Rob’s rails

Rob, these are your rails –

Photo: T. Mashburn

6’2″ stringerless EPS

Collin gets a sweet new 6’8″ single fin

Some kids have the best Dads. Collin just got a new custom single fin and there was even some fun waves behind the shop when he picked the board up! Gotta love it.
stoked to be a shaper, Tom

Good times

Dave and Tom.

Neilson swag

Got some really nice Flexfit hats in and lots of asst’d colors/sizes of Neilson tshirts. Come by and check out the boards and pick up some Neilson swag –

5’8 Boost roundtail

Interesting little board. For those of you who want something for the small waves but don’t want to ride a fish

Fuller outline and low entry for small wave destruction.

More Lee Roth…

We’d stop posting so many pictures of teamrider Lee Roth if he’d quit getting so many pictures…

Photo: Don Eggert

Lee making the most of the small windswell we’ve had the past few days.

Teamrider Lee Roth at Watermans contest

Neilson Teamrider Lee Roth got 1st in the Men’s Shortboard (19-35) this weekend at the Waterman’s Challenge contest

photo - Louis Barr

The waves were pretty small but they made the most of it. The Waterman’s Challenge is a rad contest put on by the Cocoa Beach Surf Musuem always a good time and low-key vibe.

More Waterman’s pics – Saturday / Sunday

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