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5’10” Floatey Fish

Stringerless EPS with bamboo deck skin and carbon fiber rails –

Neilson Custom Surfboards - Bamboo carbon fiber Floatey Fish

This one has a slight concave deck by custom request. It’ll be interesting to see what the feedback on that feature is.

Don’t Snake

Looks like we should have ridable surf for the next week or so along with the typical winds. It’s Florida, what are you gonna do? Just remember the rules of the road –

Drop by the shop and pick up any essentials and check out the new boards in stock.


Da’ Bus

The Mean Green Yellow Delivery Machine

Neilson Surfboards Delivery Vehicle

Neilson Surfboards Delivery Vehicle

Dropping some boards off at Ohana Surf Shop down in Stuart

More boards at the shop

More boards have been added to the Shop Inventory on the web site, click on over and check out what we’ve currently got in stock at the Shop –

5’7″ Boost

5’7″ x 19.5 x 2 3/16 Boost, currently available at the shop for $475 –

Johnny Elliot – Igor shot

Johnny Elliot riding a Neilson Boost1 diamond tail in a nice ESM spread on the Igor swell:

Check out the full ESM photo spread, there are some sick shots of Igor waves up and down the East Coast –

Da Rickster

Da Rickster killing it at usual on last Fridays nice little suprise –

Looks like his Floatey Fish, but not 100% sure on that. Maybe Da Rickster™ will chime in an enlighten us.

Edit: Da Rickster™ has spoken, Floatey Fish it is.

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