Floatey Fish quad setup

Here’s an unorthodox quad setup for the Floatey Fish that works really well and is really drivey yet loose –

Neilson Surfboards Flying Floatey Fish - quad FCS fin setup

FCS G-CRV fins in the front (unfortunately these are discontinued, but can be found pretty easily used) and FCS GX (longboard side-bites) in the rear. This board has the FCS Fusion boxes which work well with EPS boards. The old style FCS were pretty much unusable in EPS without a lot of hassle, so it’s nice to have the option to put FCS in EPS boards.

It looks pretty crazy but the curved fins have a large base which provides a lot of drive and they also have a lot of cant which helps lift the tail and give the board a loose feel. The GX basically are back there to keep it from sliding out, but are easily over-powered for fun tail-release moves in small waves.

That’s the beauty of removable fins, you can swap them out and try all kinds of crazy different setups until you find something that’s right for you.


One response to “Floatey Fish quad setup

  • Tom Neilson

    Fcs has started making a similar fin again but with a different material or construction method. So you can get a really similar feel of these original fins. They were never very popular as far as a fin model which is strange as they work really good. I love them in short boards as well.

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