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The Blunt – stringerless EPS

Here’s another shot of a new model called The Blunt. This one is 6’4″ x 23″ x 2 7/8″ built with stringerless EPS. You can get it set up as a Quad or Quad with single box. Super rippable small wave machine. One of the most fun boards in my quiver now. Wave catching machine that nose rides turns on a dime and makes surfing just insanely fun.

Stringerless EPS - The Blunt - Neilson Surfboards

Da’ Shop

Tons of new boards in stock! Stop by and check them out.

Neilson Surf Shop - Cocoa Beach Florida

Nick’s 5’8″ Floatey Fish

So the Floatey Fish’s have been represented pretty well here lately, but here’s another one worth posting:

Neilson Surfboards - Custom 5'8 Floatey Fish surfboard

Custom Floatey Fish for Nick – 5’8″ x 20″ x 2 1/4″

Bamboo / Carbon Floatey Fish w/ concave deck

So here’s an interesting Floatey Fish that was a bit of a custom tweak. It’s the bamboo/carbon construction but it’s got a really mild concave deck. Probably 1/16″ or so of concave as opposed to the usual dome. This was done for a couple reasons on this custom order:

1. To eliminate a bit of foam to get rid of some float. This was an alternative to getting a smaller board. The guy riding this is 6’2″ and the board is a 5’10” so going smaller wasn’t ideal.

2. To create a more “locked-in” feel to the board, similar concept to having a concave vs. flat deck on a skateboard.

Neilson Surfboards - bamboo / carbon Floatey Fish - concave deck

Straight-edge showing mild concave on deck

So here’s some feedback on how the board is working:

Got some fun waves today on the Floatey Fish. The more I ride that board the more I like it. Today was chest/head on sets and super glassy. Lots of barrels and steep/late drops. The concave deck really inspires confidence knowing my feet are locked into the board. I was surprised how well the Floatey Fish handled it. I usually would’ve ridden my Rocketfish, but the water was 44, so I wanted a bit of float with the hooded wetsuit/booties/gloves.

The beauty of custom surfboards. You can get EXACTLY what you want.

Sting Fish

This is the “Sting Fish” model, a mid-length stretched out Sting Fish. Great for catching waves!

Neilson Surfboards - Sting Fun model surfboardThis one is 6’6″ x 20″ x 2 3/4″ and is currently available at the shop for $475.

The Blunt – wave catching machine

This is a newer model that’s been getting some great feedback, The Blunt –

Neilson Surfboards - Blunt model - bamboo / carbon / EPS

This one is built in the bamboo/carbon construction. The Blunt is a wave catching machine, sizing based on your needs.

Lee Roth cuttie

Teamrider Lee Roth with a solid cuttie –

Neilson Surfboards team rider - Lee Roth

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