Blowout Sale through Sunday

Andy came up with a good name well to name this post but you will have to ask him to give you the full and proper name cause it sounds better than “Dude lets have a blow out sale”.

So until Sunday we are having a Crazy arze sale at Neilson Surf Shop in sweet Cocoa Beach.

30 per cent off all wetsuits, booties and really everything Rip Curl including stuff like baggies, shorts, shirts, you name it! So fins, leashes, pads all soft goods and even Dragon sunglasses, Sanuk sandals are all 30 per cent off which is pretty close to our cost once you figure in shipping. FCS and Future fins are a ripping it up 30 per cent off as well. 40 per cent off Sector Nine and Planet Earth clothing. Boards are all marked down as well new and used.

Remember this is a real sale as our prices are low to begin with not marked up super high and then act like it is a sale. So get your groove on save money and come on by for some great deals through Sunday.

love, peace and of course Happy surfing this nice little swell!


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