We ♥ Happy Customers (alt title: rider feedback)

Here’s some feedback from a customer that just got a new Boost model –
Boost Model

I took your advice, and Jordan (Ohana surf shop) took great care of me. I purchased a 5’10 boost, proceeded to surf very small and crumbly North Jetty. From the first wave to the end of my session, I was extremely surprised and happy, the way it caught waves and the speed it generated were great! It passed my picky test: backside, rode smooth. Seriously, I enjoyed your boost a lot more than the Lost Rocket, and their Sub-Scorcher. Your Boost gave me a lot more enjoyment than a CI Whip. When I sell off a couple of my old boards, I’d like to get a high performance thruster (one that will work in Fla., and possibly a single fin (for gutless S.Fla.) Thank you for calling me on the phone, and for putting some fun back into my surfing.


Thanks Josh! Stoked that one of our Neilson Dealers was able to take such good care of you and that you’re enjoying your new Neilson Boost!


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