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Summer’s coming…

Time to re-evaluate your quiver and see what you’ve got that will get you through the long hot Summers.

Maybe a Longboard is your thing:
Neilson Surfboards - Right Coast Cruiser

For those who don’t want all that length, the Blunt has been a really popular option for increasing your wave count –
Neilson Surfboards Blunt

There’s lot of other options too, stuff like the Floatey Fish and the Boost to make the most of small, summer surf.

Sanuks & leashes, oh my…

Need Sanuks? We’ve got you covered along with a plethora of leash options and all sorts of other surf and surf-related accessories (how’s that for being vaguely descriptive). Anyways, a pics will illustrate the point much better –

Sanuck and leashes

Checking the rails…

Checking the rail bands on a stringerless EPS blank –

Neilson Surfboards - stringerless eps rails

R & D in Nica

Tom testing out the latest models in Nicaragua earlier this month…

Tom Neilson - Nicaragua

Customer Feedback – The Blunt

Always good to get reports back from satisfied customers, here’s one from a Blunt owner:

Hey guys…I was in last week and bought the 6’0 Blunt.  Holy crap this is a good board.  I’ve had a chance to ride it in 2 foot junk and now chest to head high waves.  This board is amazing. I’ve been surfing for 25 years and have never felt compelled to leave feedback on any board I have purchased until now.

Thanks for making a great board.

Custom Surfboards - Florida - Neilson Blunt Model

Check out the Blunt model.

Color SUPs

There are a bunch of new SUPs in the shop with a bit of color on them –

Neilson Surfboards - SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

Check them all out on the Neilson Surfshop Inventory page

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