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Von ripping

Neilson Surfboards friend and ripper Von, representing on another exotic surftrip on his Neilson board

Neilson surfboards - Von

Neilson custom surfboards - Von

Sorry for the small size, that’s all we got. Third world internet speeds aren’t quite up to par yet 😉

Finished blank shot

Nice photo of a freshly finished blank –

Neilson surfboards finished blank - custom surfboard shaping

For you photo geeks out there, check out the depth of field on this shot. Shot with an Olmpus E-620 with a lens adapter for an old manual focus 50mm lens. Gives some really good results, but really tight depth-of-field so getting the right focus requires quite a bit of trial and error or just shooting a lot of pictures. This one was shot at f2.8 / 1/160s at ISO400. You can see the grain of the blank about a third of the way up from the tail. The tail and nose are out of focus. Thanks again for the pics Tim.

New Shop Banners

New banners for the exterior of the shop –

Neilson Surf Shop surfboard banners

Rip Curl baggies

We’ve got a good selection of the super-stretchy Rip Curl baggies in stock. Come try a pair on and slide into something a little more comfortable this summer –

Rip Curl boardshorts - Neilson Surf Shop We’ve also got a ton of tshirts, hats, rashguards and all the other summer gear you need.

Shaping shot

Foiling out the nose on a stringerless EPS blank –

Shaping the nose on a stringerless EPS surfboard blank

Board room

Shot of the updated board room, including the long and the short of it. Everything form BIG SUPs to small shortboards –

Surfboard room - Neilson Surf Shop

Caption this…

Caption this one in the comments…


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