Neilsons in Nova Scotia

Say that 3 times fast… Neilsons in Nova Scotia, Neilsons in Nova Scotia, Neilsons in Nova Scotia

There is a small crew of guys up in Nova Scotia (that’s in Canada, eh) that are riding Neilsons. Here’s a shot of Scott riding a Floatey Fish in last week (notice that they are already wearing booties, brrrrr) –

Neilson Surfboards - Halifax Nova Scotia

And just as a surf-porn tease, here’s a shot of Nova Scotia from this past Saturday –

California Surf :D


2 responses to “Neilsons in Nova Scotia

  • rhomsy

    That’s awesome! I moved to the US East Coast (CT) from Montreal and have taken up surfing, mostly in Rhode Island. Needless to say, I’m addicted! We still don’t need the booties or gloves yet, but they are ready for when Oct-Nov surf rolls around!

  • Tim

    Had my 6’6″ Neilson bat tail out (Superfly I think) and it was great. The waves I was surfing kicked those waves ass (beautiful and almost double overhead)!!! It was my first board from you (I’ve had at least 4) and still kicking ass. Rick was going nuts on his pink Neilson mini-gun. Much love and many thanks Tom.

    all the best
    (Team Neilson Nova Scotia)

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