We have BLUNTS in stock !

these boards have been called “the feel-good board of the summer”

and in some circles, it’s been referred to as “the dream machine”

stop by and pick one up.  your surfing will thank you….and so will we !


5 responses to “BLUNTS

  • Jeff

    nice boards what sizes do they come in? epoxy?

    • awweil

      they are all epoxy. and can be built from 5’6” to 10′ 6″ !
      the ones pictured are 56, 60, 64 and 68.

      • Jeff

        cheers for the info, I am right in thinking these are akin to a mini simmons? how wide are they and fin set up.I just like the shape as your tail appears more pulled in than most, a positive in my book. Jeff

      • awweil

        they do look similar to the mini simmons type board. the blunts are actually a bit more technical of a board than a typical simmons type plank.
        they have a bit of nose rocker to them. that being said, all of the plus nose rocker is compensated by a single concave running the length of the board. and we typically set them up as a quad. some customers, however, seem to prefer them as single fins. to each his own !

      • Jeff

        thankyou Andy for the info, a nice looking board for sure..jeff

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