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something ?


we’ve got to get SOMETHING from these.

maybe next week ?

Channels and Glass-on’s ?!?!


how’s this board?  Tom told me he wanted to take this to Nicaragua.

But, he said if i can sell it, then sell it !!  So, that being said, this bad boy is a 6’0” flying floaty fish model.  21″ x 2 1/2″   6 channels and glass-on quads for only $550 !! 

stop by the shop and have a look.

TS Isaac ?!


Cross your fingers


keep your fingers crossed.

we should be getting something from theses storms.



come by the shop and meet JOB

shake his hand, get an autograph, give him an autograph, go for a surf what ever you want.

i’m pretty sure they will giving a bunch of stuff away (rumor has it…..a wetsuit !!)

looks like Tuesday the 4th at 6 pm.

we hope to see you

here piggy, piggy


here’s a shot of Tommy Evans’ new 9’7” PIG

parallel outline, wide hips and little (if any) rocker.

tommy hasn’t even seen it, yet. (maybe he checks the blog)

Stoked Groms


this is Carmine & Angelo.  they just graduated from their soft-tops to their first real boards.

one is a 5’6” Boost and the other is a 5’3″ Boost.  both are EPS/Epoxy construction.

happy surfing !

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