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Hey Man, Nice Shot !

jason f 1Hey Man, Nice Shot !

here’s a couple of nice shots sent to us from Jason F.
he’s putting his Neilson Surfboard in nice backside El Salvadorian tubes !!

feel free to send in your cool pics riding a Neilson Surfboard !

Surf is building !!!

Surf is building !!!

looks like it’s getting bigger out back.

nothing says building swell like a NEW NEILSON SURFBOARD (or a used one, too)

Surf report–out back of the shop

Surf report--out back of the shop

it does NOT look like this !

30 % OFF !!

30 % OFF !!

that’s right, 30% off on ALL board shorts.
stop by soon for the best selection !!

Sweatshirts !!!

Sweatshirts !!!

It’s cold out there.

don’t forget to come in out of the cold and grab a NEILSON sweatshirt.

you have the option of hood or no hood

Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?

you guys are missing it !

waves are super-fun behind the shop.
and it’s not even low tide yet !

Waves are fun!

Waves are fun!

there are some fun one’s out there !

go get some !

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