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Waves are still fun !


New Batch

New Batch

Get ’em while they’re fresh !
we just got a new batch of cork and bamboo deck boards in stock. you can always see exactly what’s in stock by visiting our inventory page on the web site. here’s the link:

another cool custom

another cool custom

Randy’s new “amoeba” board.
he’s obviously NOT a germaphobe !

shaper owned

shaper owned

Can your shop say this?

i didn’t think so.

Don’t do it !

Don't do it !

spring / summer is right around the corner.
don’t be fooled by cheap imitations !

enough said


rip curlWETSUIT SALE !!

All westsuits are 20% off.

only while supplies last !

another sweet custom

another sweet custom

have a look at Ana’s new 9’10” custom Neilson cruiser.

as good as it looks in the picture, it looks even sweeter in person. have fun Ana !

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