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How to surf really good…

How to surf really good...

Von showing us how to create buckets of fun when we surf riding his signature model shortboard


some new boards this week…

It is really amazing the talent and expertise that goes into making a surfboard. Have some of the best in the surfboard world making my boards. It is humbling to say the least as I get most of the credit shaping the blank or surfboard. But the finishing work from sanding an edge in the tail, getting the hot coat just right and the actual fiberglass to bend and wrap around three dimensional curves some at right angles is a Houdini trick at best! So here are some action shots…IMG_2728IMG_2727IMG_2726IMG_2725

New UFO Stand Up Paddle board model

This is the newest SUP model and it is called the UFO. It is a very advanced board specifically for riding waves and because it is a smaller board it is ideal for lighter SUP surf riders or young surfers. For the non semi professional SUP riders we have dads buying it for their kids to paddle/ride surf and then they prone surf it as a surfboard when they are not using it. Very difficult to stand on unless you are pretty darn good if you weigh over 170 lbs. For the elite SUP rider in really good shape then this is your board. Going top to bottom and ripping fins out or airs is why it is called the unidentified flying object! The board in the picture is a 7’6″ and is available at Blue Line Surf & SUP in Jupiter,

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