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The ever so enigmatic blunt…

Yes, the blunt not your sexy 6’0 x 18.5 shortboard but damn that board is so much fun to ride. Especially when the waves are less than macking (like they were yesterday). I went to the beach with my 6’3 roundo epoxy stringerless short board and was hoping for some leftover surprises. But the Florida reality model thankfully was in the car as well. So guess what I paddled out on the blunt in gutless mushey Florida waist high sometimes bigger waves and had a blast. That board catches waves like a dream lets you go super fast and when the wave in .5 seconds decides to stop you can still rip a cut back and rebound the white water and have a really fun turn and still get past that dog section while connecting… well sections. Just a great cheater board for getting you in the water and having a good time. Being in the water is what it is all about and this is the ultimate have fun board. Surf on.

Need a Neilson??? Ohana has a board for you!

Ohana Surf shop in Stewart Beach has a new Neilson for you right now. No blues, just great riding boards hands down. Check out the inventory below and then go by and see them. Jordan and crew are super cool genuine real surfers in a for real surfers surf shop! So support the real deal and get a great board at the same time! He can custom order you a Neilson surfboard as well if for some freaky reason he does not have what you want! For his shop phone number or my other dealers click on the “dealers” tab at
9’6 ss glider epoxy
8′ sup
9′ hawaiin classic blue
9′ epoxy/bamboo deck
9′ ss glider
6’4 blunt clear
6′ blunt blue
5’10 floaty fish 5 fin fcs clear
5’8 ohana model red/wht
5’8 diamond tail boost
Thanks and keep the aloha alive!! Tom

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