New Cork and Carbon boards are in stock

The newest batch of carbon and cork boards are in stock! They are totally sick and could be bought simply as wall hanging art they are so incredibly well crafted and finished. The best part about them is they never need wax have an area  for a rear stomp pad directly on the carbon and most importantly theyIMG_7182.jpgIMG_7185IMG_3610IMG_3824 surf amazing!.

If you have never tried one of these vacumn bagged super light eps/epoxy surfboards you are missing out!! The Dwrt model can rip in small waves and it is a super fast screaming machine! Kyle in Cali has been ripping on his 5’8 dwrt in well overhead super powerful waves which he constantly is roving the coastline to find and surf. He has amazing pics of him doing full rail carves, snaps and barrel feasting on.

They take three monthes to build so pick one out and scoop it up! Available at or through all my dealers listed on the website. Noah has three at his store in Cocoa Beach and you can request dealers to have one delivered to them near you from our store in Cocoa Beach…


One response to “New Cork and Carbon boards are in stock

  • neilsonsurfboards

    About two weeks ago picked up a 5’10 cork and carbon super squash from my dealer in Jupiter called Blueline. The board was showing some rack wear from just being there for a while. So decided to give it a spin in some of the surf we had that was about waist to occasional shoulder high. Quad set up with just stock fins and man that board just lit up and was amazing to ride. Super fast and manueverable and let me just play with the waves doing floaters, cutbacks and more. If you have not rode one of the cork and carbon boards you are missing out especially in the dwrt, fish and super squash varieties that it comes in.

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