Factory Location

Neilson Surfboards Factory

437 Richard Rd.
Rockledge, Fl. 32935

Tom’s Cell Phone – 321.508.5055

Neilson Surfboards Website – features all Neilson board models, pricing and orderform

2 responses to “Factory Location

  • Frank Roloff

    Hey Tom,

    I’m currently refurbishing a Quiet Flight board made by you. It’s going to be my daughters first surfboard. One of my neighbors had thrown it out when they moved. I decided it deserved a new chance at life. It was pretty much destroyed, splits in the rails, about an inch missing off the tail and the nose and serious dings, dents and gouges throughout. Now that it is almost complete I got curious about who had made the board so I googled your name and found your surf shop. If your interested I could send you a pic or stop by the shop with the board.

    Frank Roloff

  • Denny Howard

    Mr. TOM, I purchased the 5.8 Green yellow from you , I must say Thanks, I have pulled off more than the un expected with this stick! the 5 box is excellent, Shalom, Denny. P.S. To just add I am 43 and have had most of my body rebuilt! Kudos to your design! I plan to be a coustomer for life!!!!

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