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Floatey Fish sequence shot

The Floatey Fish – an old staple, and the board most likely to improve your surfing. Cool sequence shot of a Floatey Fish in action…



custom Rainbow air brushed Longboard

custom Rainbow air brushed Longboard

Do you need a new custom board? Just letting you know that I am still shaping some incredible boards even thou the surf shop is closed! Remember to check the dealer page if you live somewhere other than Cocoa Beach area and that I ship all over the country all the time! Keep the Stoke! Tom

relax at Neilson’s Surf Shop

relax at Neilson's Surf Shop

impressive !

impressive !

What the……..?

What the........?

Need a new custom?
Just sit back and let us do all the work.

Chemically Engineered !?

Chemically Engineered !?

Neilson Surfboards are formulated in a high-tech laboratory by scientists working 24 hours a day just for your surfing pleasure !

NOT REALLY! they are ALL hand-shaped by Tom, himself. but the part about making them for YOUR surfing pleasure is totally TRUE !

Another nice shot !

Another nice shot !

here’s a nice shot of Chris ripping on his 5’8” Neilson DWRT.
the pic was taken by Noah, behind the shop last week.

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