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Floatey Fish sequence shot

The Floatey Fish – an old staple, and the board most likely to improve your surfing. Cool sequence shot of a Floatey Fish in action…



TEAM Ohana

TEAM Ohana

the Schwartz family from OHANA Surf Shop stopped by to pick up Curren’s new team board. if you’re down in Stewart, FL stop by and see ’em.

impressive !

impressive !

research & development

research & development

here’s a shot of Mr. Neilson testing out his new “amplifier” model in “less than ideal conditions”

looks like it’s working pretty good !

Gearing up !

Gearing up !

Team rider “nasty” Nate Gus gettin’ his new 5’8” dumpster diver with FCS fins and carbon fiber tail patches ready for some Central American juice.

have fun Nate !

Ohana team rider bitten by shark

Ohana team rider bitten by shark

A kid from Stuart was bitten by a shark.  BUMMER !

But, if you watch the vid, you can clearly see the shark was just trying to get a better look at that SWEET NEILSON surfboard !

hope he gets well soon.

the “ADAM” model SUP

here’s a great shot of Adam (of Blueline surf shop in Jupiter) ripping on his “ADAM MODEL” SUP.

Stop by and order one today. and you too will be on your way to SUPing as good as Adam.

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