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Custom Surfboards, all day every day.

Still shaping tons of customs every day. Get in touch via email or phone to get your next board started.



Neilson Blunt – cork / carbon surfboard

A custom stringerless EPS, cork/carbon Blunt with quad fin FCS set-up. The deck is exposed cork, so no wax is needed!

Neilson Blunt Custom Surfboard

Neilson Blunt Custom Surfboard quad fin

The ultimate Florida wave-catching machine, read more about the Blunt

Shaping shots – checking the rails

Checking the rails on a custom stringerless EPS board –

Neilson Surfboards - custom shape - checking rails

Click for larger image

Hard at work in the shaping bay

Skinning a blank for a custom order

Tom Neilson - surfboard shaper - Florida

Nose rocker

Those perfectly blended lines you see in the finished boards start out as crude, jagged hacks into the foam. Only after everything is blended do the nuances all form a cohesive design. Here’s a shot of some rough planer passes to thin the nose on an EPS blank –

Blank Skinnin’

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