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Floatey Fish sequence shot

The Floatey Fish – an old staple, and the board most likely to improve your surfing. Cool sequence shot of a Floatey Fish in action…



custom Rainbow air brushed Longboard

custom Rainbow air brushed Longboard

Do you need a new custom board? Just letting you know that I am still shaping some incredible boards even thou the surf shop is closed! Remember to check the dealer page if you live somewhere other than Cocoa Beach area and that I ship all over the country all the time! Keep the Stoke! Tom

Neilson Blunt – cork / carbon surfboard

A custom stringerless EPS, cork/carbon Blunt with quad fin FCS set-up. The deck is exposed cork, so no wax is needed!

Neilson Blunt Custom Surfboard

Neilson Blunt Custom Surfboard quad fin

The ultimate Florida wave-catching machine, read more about the Blunt



We have BLUNTS in stock !

these boards have been called “the feel-good board of the summer”

and in some circles, it’s been referred to as “the dream machine”

stop by and pick one up.  your surfing will thank you….and so will we !

Lee Roth cuttie

Teamrider Lee Roth with a solid cuttie –

Neilson Surfboards team rider - Lee Roth

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