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Fine-tuning the rails –



VAS (Victory at Sea)

There’s surf, but it’s big, messy and disorganized. Depends on how bad you want it…


Summer’s coming though…

New board surprise

The 4 stages of “New Board Surprise” as illustrated by a lucky gent up  in Nova Scotia whose wife surprised him with a new custom 5’10” Floatey Fish for his birthday:

timsnewboardStage 1: Surprise!
Stage 2: Disbelief
Stage 3: Inspection
Stage 4: Tearful Joy

Note the tiera and pink lei used to dramatic effect.

surfs up

This is the first time in about a week that I have seen some fun waves first thing in the morning. It is one to two maybe bigger in the waist to titty high range and rideable behind the shop first thing this morning. The waves are far from epic but hey! it is Florida and it is rideable. Get out there.

Rocket Pop

For some reason the airbrush on this board reminds me of those oh-so-delicious Rocket Pops that the ice cream man sells

Neilson rocketfish vs. Rocket PopRocket Pop, Rocketfish… either way it’s summertime fun.

Summer’s coming…

You definately want a board like this in your quiver for summertime around here –

fff-5finThis one is a 6’0″ Flying Floatey Fish with the “5 fins of fury” option to give you flexibility in your fin setup.

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