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Looks Fun !

Looks Fun !

i just put my eye on the waves and my recommendation is ……GO !!!



have you been waiting to order that new board?

now is the time ! we just got a few new laminate colors in yesterday.

i’m really diggin’ the 80’s neon and the rasta fade.

Hard Core Winter Charger

Hard Core Winter Charger

think it’s cold here this week?
this is nothing to this guy.
This is Albert. He drove down here from the Great Lakes to surf our “warm” winter waves.

good on him.


thanks to everyone for all of their input.

we had quite a few good suggestions for our “new model’s” name.

it was a tough decision………………and the winner is…………………

   the AMPLIFIER submitted by SCOTT MCLEAN !!!!!!

come on down and claim your t-shirt and bar of wax.

thanks again to everyone for their help.

also, come on by and check out the new AMPLIFIER model.

you WILL rip on this thing !


Ohana team rider bitten by shark

Ohana team rider bitten by shark

A kid from Stuart was bitten by a shark.  BUMMER !

But, if you watch the vid, you can clearly see the shark was just trying to get a better look at that SWEET NEILSON surfboard !

hope he gets well soon.

Thanks for all of your submissions !

Thanks for all of your submissions !

Wow, what a great response !
we are going over all of the great names you guys have submitted to us. As soon as our expert team of judges makes their decision, we will post it here.

thanks again.
have a good weekend

Name this model contest !!


Tom shaped this new model and it needs a name.
the winner will receive a NEILSON t-shirt, a couple of bars of wax , and whatever swag we can scrounge up !

the board is kind-of a take off on the …LOST “sub scorcher” model.

this one is 6’2” 20 1/2 x 2 5/8

feel free to come on down to the shop and check it out. heck, you can even take it for a test ride !!

we look forward to hearing all of your great ideas ! thanks

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