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Support Surfrider

Surfrider are doing some great things locally, nationally and internationally. Get involved with your local chapter and see what they are up to in your area.surfrider-board

House Band by Burry

Come on by for some live entertainment from our in-house one-man band. Smooth jazz on Wednesdays and Classic Surf riddems every Sunday –

burry-skinsBetter hurry, his wife says he can only keep the drums for a few more days. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Burry’s beats will be no more.

Da’ Goon

Sometimes you just gotta turn to good ol’ Disney to provide some summer-time fun –


Typoon Lagoon and a shameless logo shot.

Shop stock

Lots of sick boards in stock. Hurricane season should be ramping up soon. Come grab a new shred-sled and get it dialed in.


This is just the shortboard wall. There’s lots of sick Floatey Fishes and Biscuits and some other quirks and oddities that should appease even the most prolific quiver-baiter. Stop by and check ’em out and say hey.

The Workhorse

Ol’ reliable Clark Hitachi planer –


FCS Fusion plugs

Some of the FCS Fusion plugs in one of the Rich Price boards that’s in the shop.


These are a good alternative for EPS boards. With the older style FCS plugs you needed to reinforce the EPS foam to install them properly, so it was easier to just use Futures. Now FCS has these Fusion plugs that get glassed over just like Futures. Options are good…

Rip Curl baggies

Got a good selection of Rip Curl baggies in stock. Good for mowing the lawn, since we won’t have any waves until next year sometime, might as well find some alternate uses for all your surfing gear…


Just kidding. There’s some promising looking stuff coming off of Africa, pray we get some relief to the summer surf doldrums.

9’0″ Right Coast Cruiser

9’0″ Right Coast Cruiser with coke bottle green resin tint –


6’0″… for the ladies

6’0″ x 18 1/4″ x 2″ with a pink fade airbrush. One for the ladies, unless you are secure enough in your manliness to ride a pink board. Either way, it’s a sick little performance shortboard.


Currently for sale at the shop – $495

9’8″ Triple stringer

9’8″ 24 x 3 1/4 Triple stringer with gloss and single fin


Classic longboard stylie.  There’s a few other NICE longboards in stock too, come check them out.

#6711 $825

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