Monthly Archives: March 2008

Don’t tell Fletcher…

Don’t tell Fletcher that we’re posting pictures of his girl riding the Indo Board.



Trippy fish

Don’t stare at it too long…

Trippy fish

Just another happy Neilson customer.

Congrats to Tommy Evans!

Big Congrats to Tommy Evans for winning the ESA East Coast Championships! Check out the size of that trophy…

Tommy Evans

Check out the Tommy Evans Model longboard, tested and refined so you get the best possible riding board.

In the shaping room…

Checking out the concaves on a 6’2″ Bonzer –

Bonzer Concaves

Family Fun-day

Don’t forget we do the whole rental thing too.


Fun for the whole family. How else are you gonna learn to surf when you visit from Michigan?

Little man is stoked!

You’re never to young to be stoked about a new board!


5’5″ Stringerless EPS

A stringerless EPS board –

Stringerless EPS

Superlight, superwhite.

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