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Neilson beanies

With the recent run of cold weather, you can grab a Neilson Beanie to keep your head-top warm and toasty after getting out after a chilly session.

Check them out in our Online Store

Neilson Surfboards beanies in black, blue, red and yellow, available now at

Staying in touch

Hey everyone that is not following on facebook or instagram just thought I would send out a whats happening note.
My son Noah has opened his own surf shop and surf school right in the heart of Cocoa Beach on the corner of 2nd st. North and south bound A1A or North Orlando AVe.(173 North Orlando Ave. -North side of building)
It is a yellow building and the first “cottage row” house when you are coming from the North heading South on A1A. Great location right in the heart of Cocoa Beach. Even thou there is lots of competition all around him and in that area it is still the hub of the surfing community with great fun sand bars at the end of the street. So super stoked for him and of course you can find my shapes there as I am fully stocking his store.
We just got the hard line installed there yesterday and that number is the same as the old number: 321-868-3800.
He is carrying all the essential gear but if you are looking for a new mini skirt or prom dress then you well have to go to one of the other shops! Noah says he well beat any internet prices so be sure to shop there and he can ship if you are living out of town and need something quick. He has also been designing these super sweet cutting edge got to have one tee shirts.
Want to thank everyone who has been so incredible in shopping our super sweet iconic location in South Cocoa Beach in the past seven years and please be sure and go by and check out the new store and say hello to Noah!
Keep the surf stoke alive~blunts Tom
Neilson surf shop
Neilson surfboards

6’4″ Flying Floatey Fish roundtail

A new take on a proven classic. The Flying Floatey Fish, a well-proven all around board in the Neilson lineup, freshened up with a clean roundtail. 3, 4 or 5 fins, you decide.

Check out more details on the Floatey Fish on the web site:


Grey Circle Logo Tshirts back in stock!

We got a new batch of the Grey Circle Logo tshrits in stock! The last batch sold out pretty quick so you can order online below and get FREE shipping!

Neilson Surfboards – Circle Logo Tshirt in Grey

Neilson Surfboards - Circle Logo Tshirts

ESM Board Forum

If you can, run down to your favorite local surf shop and grab a September copy of Eastern Surf Magazine, and check out Page 80 for the Neilson surfboard models in the Fall Board Forum!
Featured are the SUP Blunt and the 3X Pro. A starter SUP and a high performance shortboard.

Check out these boards on the web site:
3X Pro Model Surfboard

Blunt SUP(Stand Up Paddleboard)

Neilson Custom Surfboards - Eastern Surf Magaine Surfboard Forum

Blue Acid Splash Longboard

here is Matt our glasser glassing the deck after completing a sick acid splash bottom. The top glass gets lapped onto the bottom of the board. The wider the lap the stronger the board is in resisting breakage. (wide lap) – Too much and it adds extra weight that is not desired. Matt makes the very difficult look easy! Super grateful to the expert craftsman who work so hard in heat and sweat to create these magic boards.

The ever so enigmatic blunt…

Yes, the blunt not your sexy 6’0 x 18.5 shortboard but damn that board is so much fun to ride. Especially when the waves are less than macking (like they were yesterday). I went to the beach with my 6’3 roundo epoxy stringerless short board and was hoping for some leftover surprises. But the Florida reality model thankfully was in the car as well. So guess what I paddled out on the blunt in gutless mushey Florida waist high sometimes bigger waves and had a blast. That board catches waves like a dream lets you go super fast and when the wave in .5 seconds decides to stop you can still rip a cut back and rebound the white water and have a really fun turn and still get past that dog section while connecting… well sections. Just a great cheater board for getting you in the water and having a good time. Being in the water is what it is all about and this is the ultimate have fun board. Surf on.


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