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Teamrider Tommy Evans

A shot of Neilson Teamrider Tommy Evans riding the “Right Coast Cruiser“:

Neilson Surfboards - Tommy Evans

6’4 Biscuit

6’4 x 22 x 2 5/8 Biscuit

Currently in the shop for sale for $535, come on by and snatch it up. SOLD, but I can shape YOU a custom one.

Nose rocker

Those perfectly blended lines you see in the finished boards start out as crude, jagged hacks into the foam. Only after everything is blended do the nuances all form a cohesive design. Here’s a shot of some rough planer passes to thin the nose on an EPS blank –

5’8 Boost Quad

5’8 x 19.25 x 2.20 Boost quad in EPS/epoxy. This board is currently for sale at the shop for $485 –

Check out all the other boards we have in the shop on the Board Inventory page:

Lee Roth… again

So we’ve got a bunch of good shots of Lee, what can we say. This one made it into the new header for the blog, time to freshen things up and this was just the shot we needed to do it, ripping as always –

Lee Roth - Neilson Surfboards

Photo: Don Eggert

5’7″ Bamboo/Carbon Floatey Fish

The ever-popular Flying Floatey Fish done up in stringerless EPS with a bamboo deck and carbon rails –


Igor is still going strong, unfortunately our local winds aren’t co-operating. Still plenty of waves to be had, you just have to battle through the chop to get it. It’s Florida after all, you gotta take what you can get unfortunately…

Swing by the shop and say hi and check out the new boards we got in as well as lots of gear for both guys and gals.

BTW, these storm screenshots are coming from, it gives a great overview of what’s going on in the Atlantic.

Board Inventory

We’re working on getting all the shop inventory updated and back up on the web site, so take a virtual browse through the boards then come in and feel ’em in your own 2 hands

Check out what’s up so far –

Performer – custom

Had a pretty neat custom come through this week. At first I thought this custom I shaped last week was going to come out really weird but four templates later created this really cool board. Let me know if you like it!?
It is called the Performer Squash tail and it is 5’8″ x 19 x 2.25 with performance rails and sweet concave bottom.

Igor is coming…

Stop by the shop and pick up any replacements you need after Earl. Stretched leash, we got you covered. Got burnt crispy, we got rashguards to help you out. Need a minigun, we got some of those too 😀

Another perfect run right through our swell Window. Get ready for this swell starting late this week…

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