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6’4″ Flying Floatey Fish roundtail

A new take on a proven classic. The Flying Floatey Fish, a well-proven all around board in the Neilson lineup, freshened up with a clean roundtail. 3, 4 or 5 fins, you decide.

Check out more details on the Floatey Fish on the web site:


Grey Circle Logo Tshirts back in stock!

We got a new batch of the Grey Circle Logo tshrits in stock! The last batch sold out pretty quick so you can order online below and get FREE shipping!

Neilson Surfboards – Circle Logo Tshirt in Grey

Neilson Surfboards - Circle Logo Tshirts

ESM Board Forum

If you can, run down to your favorite local surf shop and grab a September copy of Eastern Surf Magazine, and check out Page 80 for the Neilson surfboard models in the Fall Board Forum!
Featured are the SUP Blunt and the 3X Pro. A starter SUP and a high performance shortboard.

Check out these boards on the web site:
3X Pro Model Surfboard

Blunt SUP(Stand Up Paddleboard)

Neilson Custom Surfboards - Eastern Surf Magaine Surfboard Forum

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